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First Year of Middle School: Tips for Success

For girls going into their first year of middle school, it can be an exciting yet scary time. If you’re lucky, you already have a few friends who will be going to the same school so you won’t have to be on your own. BUT what if you’re going into a brand new school all alone and you don’t know anyone?? 

And what about finding your way around a new campus and getting used to a new schedule? And going to different classes? And lockers?? And dealing with all the changes???

BREATHE! I got you. Stay calm and let’s get through this together. 

Here are some tips and tricks for surviving the first year of middle school. First, let’s address the challenges and then we’ll figure out solutions:


Middle School Challenges:

1. Social Status: Middle school will have many different groups with people trying to get in where they fit in.  You’ll start to see a lot of girls changing and trying to be like other girls and doing anything to be in the ‘popular’ group.  

2. Social Drama: You may face issues like gossip, jealousy, and competition. You might outgrow old friends and want to make new friends or you may be the friend who gets left behind.

3. School Stress: You’ll have more classes and more assignments to complete with deadlines. Managing your time better will become more important. 

4. Self-Identity: You’ll start going through physical and emotional changes. You’ll be discovering who you really are and your confidence will be tested.

Solutions for a Successful Year:

1. Be Open to New Friendships:  You can keep your old friends and also make new friends. If you feel like you've outgrown old friends, you can still show love even if you're not hanging out like you used to.

To make new friends, join different groups and clubs on campus. Or try out for dance, cheerleading or other sports teams. You'll be surprised that every one wants a place to belong and is more open to making new friends than you might think.

Another good way to find where you fit in is to look for other people who vibe with your fashion style and who have positive energy and gravitate toward them. Confidence is key! Also you don’t have to be locked into a clique, you can mix and mingle with different groups or even be bold enough to walk on your own. 

2. Stay Organized: Make sure to get a good planner to manage your time.  Get to know whatever app your school uses to keep track of assignments and make sure your work in turned in on time. There’s a free app called Notion that will also help you stay organized with school and extracurricular activities. Being organized will keep you stress free and make you stay ahead of the game. 

3. Ask for Help: Whether it’s academic or personal, seek help from a teacher, school counselors, or trusted adult who can provide support and guidance. There are some great tutoring services available if you need help with school work. Also, having a mentor is key and if you don’t have one make sure to join SISIETY 

4. Practice Kindness: Being kind to others is a magnet that attracts other kind people to you. Being a nice person creates a positive environment and can help build strong, supportive friendships. But Beware! Some people mistake kindness for weakness. If you feel like someone is taking advantage of you or using you, activate your boundaries!

5. Self-Care: Prioritize your well-being. Do activities that you enjoy, practice your skin care routine, eat a balanced diet, move your body and make sure you get enough sleep. And always make sure you have a safe space to process your thoughts and emotions. Get a journal or join a Girl Talk Group in SISIETY 

write in your journal
practice self care

Building Confidence:

1. Embrace Your Unique Qualities: Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. Focus on what makes you unique and rock what you got!

2. Set Realistic Goals: Achieving small goals one at a time can boost your confidence and motivation.

3. Positive Self-Talk: Replace negative thoughts with positive affirmations. Believe in your abilities and be proud of your progress. For daily affirmations and positive mindset join SISIETY. 

In Conclusion

Starting middle school is kind of a big deal but with the right mindset and by practicing these tips for success, every girl can get through this transition with grace and confidence. Embrace the journey, learn from the challenges, and enjoy the new experiences that come your way. And make sure to join our supportive girl empowerment community at


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