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Have you ever found yourself saying "sorry" for no reason? Like bumping into someone, asking a question in class, or even just expressing your feelings? Well you're not alone. I hear it all the time! If you made a mistake and are really sorry for something that's one thing, but how about let's stop saying sorry for every little thing?

Saying "sorry" all the time can subconsciously make you feel smaller, less confident, and unsure of yourself. When you apologize for things that don’t need an apology, you’re telling yourself and others that you’re wrong, even when you’re not. So let's stop that!

Start by noticing when you say "sorry." If you bump into someone, say "excuse me" instead. If you have a question, say "can you help me understand x,y,z?". Asking questions is how we all learn and you don't need to apologize for wanting to understand something.

And when it comes to your feelings, never shrink back or apologize for being you. Learn how to express yourself without always saying sorry. If anything say "Sorry- not sorry!" and then proceed with what you have to say. As long as you're not hurting anyone in the process.

stop saying sorry for everything
sorry not sorry

Remember, confidence is key. By cutting out unnecessary apologies, you’re putting everyone on notice that you believe in yourself and that you deserve to take up space. Stand tall, speak clearly, and own your actions. You don’t need to be sorry for being you!

If saying "Sorry" is something you find yourself struggling with, make sure to join a Girl Talk Group in SISIETY.


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