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I feel like we don't talk about friendship breakups enough. Sometimes you and your bestie are just having a little moment- you disagree about something- take a break and then get back together for Starbucks like nothing happened.

Other times, something is said or done that you just can't come back from. One of you took it too far and hurt the other person to the point where you just don't want to be friends anymore.

Breaking up with a friend can be super painful. And one of the most important things in moving on is to forgive. Even if the friendship is beyond repair, let her go in love and forgive her for whatever she said or did to hurt you. The same thing goes if you were the one who hurt her- forgive yourself and learn a lesson on how to be a better friend to others going forward.

If you're going through a friendship breakup, it's normal to feel sad, confused and lonely. But believe me, you will get through it and come out better and stronger.

Getting stronger after a friendship breakup
Friendship breakups can make you better and stronger

Start by acknowledging your feelings. Keeping everything inside can make it harder to handle so allow yourself to cry if you need to. Express your emotions by writing in a journal or talking to someone you trust. This is where a mentor can help if you don't have one, join SISIETY

Next, focus on self-care. Do things that make you happy and help you feel good about yourself. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and support you. If you don't have a community and want to join the best sisterhood ever... join SISIETY.

It may be helpful to unfollow your ex-bestie on social media so you don't have to see everything she is doing. And try not to keep playing what was said or done over in your head- that will drive you crazy.

You can reflect on the friendship and what you’ve learned from it. Every relationship, even the painful ones, teaches us something valuable. Think about what you want in future friendships and how you can be a better friend yourself.

Make new friends. Be open to meeting new people. This can be really important if you and your ex friend go to the same school and have mutual friends. Try out for a sport or join a club where you can meet new people. It may take time but you will attract new, good friends. And you might even be alone for a little bit but be ok with enjoying your own company. Get to know yourself better. If you want to connect into a supportive sisterhood and meet new friends now check out


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