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Miss Gabrielle sits on a bench at Middle School she attended
Meet Miss Gabrielle

SISIETY was created by Gabrielle Thomas, a 3rd generation L.A native and owner of She has worked with girls for over 15 years and has a unique insight into the issues today's girls face.

She has a M.Ed from Harvard where she specialized in community programs development and studied social aggression in middle school age girls.

She received a full ride scholarship to UCLA where she earned a B.A in Women's Studies focused on adolescent female social-emotional development with a special thesis on Teens & Technology. Gabrielle is the recipient of several awards including the UCLA Women's Studies Achievement Award, UCLA Center for the Study of Women Renaissance Award and several community service awards from the U.S Congress, California Senate, City of Los Angeles and CA State Assembly. She was invited to the White House for the Conference on Women and Girls with (then SLOTUS) Jill Biden. She is a proud West L.A Community College transfer student, a Makeup Artist and a CA licensed Esthetician. Gabrielle loves Jesus, beauty, the beach, good food and having fun with family and friends.

Miss Gabrielle is an advocate for teen girls and their parents
Miss Gabrielle with mothers and daughters

I have a gift for working with teens; where many might find this to be a difficult age, I think it is THE BEST! Teen girls are the coolest people on the planet. Where teens may not like many people, they love me (for the most part) and I love them back! It is my passion to empower girls to have a high sense of self worth and to make sure they are supported on their journey through girlhood to avoid some of the traps I personally fell into.


Middle School was a very rough time for me
Miss Gabrielle in middle school

Middle School was literally THE WORST time of my life. I was bullied and suffered through some pretty traumatic events that caused me to be very insecure with low self esteem. My lack of confidence had me making bad decisions from middle school into high school.

Middle school was the worst time of my life.
Gabrielle's teenage evolution

I'll share more of my story in SISIETY but basically I went from barely graduating high school to going to Harvard....of course a lot happened in between but pretty much every success I've ever had has involved God, supportive family, friends and MENTORS.

I love inspiring girls with my story because it gives them hope and lets them know that they always have a choice. If they're going the wrong direction, they hold the power to get off the train and choose another direction. I always encourage girls to find a mentor and to surround themselves with positive supportive friends.

As owner of My Beauty Truck I work with a lot of girls and get a special backstage pass to see girls in a fun, social element. I hear all the gossip, pick up on the passive aggressive comments and see where parents are getting it right when we have especially kind girls. Because of the high profile nature of my business, I also encounter a lot of very privileged and "entitled" girls. After 15+ years working with thousands of girls in different capacities I saw a need for SISIETY.

SISIETY and My Beauty Truck are sister companies created by Gabrielle Thomas
Miss Gabrielle on My Beauty Truck

I do a lot of listening and when girls share with me, I realize they need a safe place to be heard and belong, especially in this new high tech modern world where we are more connected but disconnected than ever. I hear so many stories of girls fighting and friendship drama so that is where SISIETY came from- "every girl needs a good sisterhood".

I also knew that girls need to learn real life skills in a way that is fun from big sister mentors they can relate to. AND they also need to access it in a way they will actually engage- on their phones! So that is how I started developing the idea to offer SISIETY in an APP where girls can access it whenever they want, wherever they are and be rewarded for engagement through contests and prizes.

My Beauty Truck actually started as an empowerment camp for girls and evolved into what it is today. I started visualizing SISIETY in my mind years ago but there wasn't the technology to make it happen. SISIETY picks up where My Beauty left off.

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Thank you! What a wonderful mission. You provide resources, advice, and support in your efforts to positively impact young girls' lives! I love this for US! #SISIETY🦋

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