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The life of a middle school girl can be rough.

Middle school can be a very tough time for girls
Middle School Girl

In Middle School, girls are going through the biggest transformations of their lives.

Periods are starting and boobs are growing.

Moods are swinging and eyes are rolling.

Everything is changing so fast!

New Schools, New Friends. Trying to fit in.

Gossip and Jealousy.

Cliques and Insecurities.

Low self esteem and girls being mean.

There is so much going on in a girls world… only they really get each other.

Girls need each other.

The problem is

Instead of girls supporting each other- many times they tear each other down:

Comparisons, Competition and Cattiness.

With technology, girls are more connected yet disconnected than ever. And in this new AI world, you don't know what's real or fake. But girls are going through real things. And they need real connection. 

Girls are always on their phones, SISIETY is a positive social media option
Middle School Girls on Phone

Girls need to talk.


Friends can gossip….teachers can be weird….and parents can be so EXTRAS!

Wanna send a girl to therapy when all she needs is Share-apy.

Girls just need a safe space to talk things out and get guidance in the right direction


If girls don’t have a healthy way to process their emotions- this is when they get depressed, anxious and even suicidal or turn to the wrong things to help them cope.

And yes….this is all starting in middle school.

This time in her life- RIGHT NOW- is CRITICAL.

It will set the stage for high school and beyond.

This is when many parents lose their grip.

Because even the best girls have secrets.

Even the best mom or dad who has done an amazing job creating space where their daughter can feel comfortable talking to them might get a basic “fine” when they ask how her day was.

The thing is....she wants to talk....sometimes just not to you.

As a parent what do you do?

You try to remember what it was like when you were her age but the truth is we are living in different times than when you grew up.

It’s waaaay different now.

You know this. So you read books, join groups and seek out life coaches and experts. And that's great but to be honest there are so many “experts” trying to tell girls what to do when they really don't have a clue. Or they're just wack and your daughter's not going for it.

I've been working with girls for 15+ years and have UCLA and Harvard degrees specializing in adolescent female social-emotional development. I don't consider myself an expert. I always say the only experts are the girls themselves- they are the ones teaching me.

I listen to them. ALOT. And I've learned what they want. So...

What if….instead of parents, teachers or therapists, she had some cool big sister figures she could turn to for guidance. Not a lecture or even advice, just someone to listen and guide her in the right direction.

What if she had a small GIRL TALK GROUP…where she and other girls could share- no shame no judgment.

What if she was a part of a drama- free, positive, uplifting community- Where the culture was to celebrate instead of cancel.




What if we had workshops on topics she can relate to and actually like?

Self care & Sisterhood Vibes

Skin care, body care, hygiene, healthy eating, fitness,

friendship, fashion, beauty, etiquette….

everyday life skills.


What if we brought in guest speakers, celebs, influencers and people girls actually want to hear from to encourage them on their journey.

What if she had a place where she could be heard and belong and become the most beautiful version of herself?

Well....Now she does!


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