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SISIETY is a supportive sisterhood for girl empowerment. A place where girls can learn, discover, grow and transform. A place where confidence is cultivated and being unique is celebrated. SISIETY is a safe space for the everyday girl to be heard and belong and become the most beautiful version of herself.

SISIETY is a community committed to uplifting and enriching the lives of girls. We are successful professionals, positive influencers and hand chosen college students here to support girls on their journey through girl hood.

SISIETY is a community of mentors and positive influence committed to uplifting and enriching the lives of girls
Mentors Empowering Girls

PHILOSOPHY: SISIETY is a gossip free, no judgement space with real and relatable mentors who are like big sister figures. We do more listening than talking and we never preach or try to “fix” them. We are not “experts” no one knows girls better than themselves. We are here to learn from them so we can help them and their parents on their journey of transformation.


  • Embracing femininity being feminine girly w an edge

  • Beauty, health, wellness, friendship

  • Confidence

  • Personal style

  • Daily encouragement

  • Beauty inside and out

  • Not easily influenced

  • Set higher standards

  • We are not telling girls what to do

  • We instill values of ethics and integrity

  • We encourage girls to resolve conflict

  • Sharing stories, ideas and experiences- Not giving advice- just giving girls a space to share their stories and talk things out


  • No Gossip

  • No judgment

  • No cattiness

  • No competition

  • No comparisons

  • No cursing

  • Off limit topics- sexuality, sexual orientation, drugs, politics, world news.

SISIETY is a positive community for girl empowerment. A place where confidence is cultivated and being unique is celebrated. SISIETY is a safe space for the everyday girl to grow, learn, discover and transform into the most beautiful version of herself.
SISIETY is empowering girls through a first of its kind mobile app

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission: To connect girls in middle school into a supportive sisterhood where they can HAVE FUN learning real life skills from big sister mentors who uplift, inspire and give positive guidance.

Our Vision: A world of confident, well-connected, girls who lift each other up and have a high level of respect and compassion for themselves and others.

Our Heart: "THE SISTEM" 10% of all registrations and 100% of all merch sales support girls in the foster care system. Our big picture vision is to create Butterfly Village, a transitional housing and mentorship for girls aging out of foster care.

Our Icon

The SISIETY butterfly icon symbolized friendship, love, compassion, peace, direction and transformation
The SISIETY butterfly icon is full of symbolic meaning


  • Butterflies symbolize transformation.

  • Yellow symbolizes friendship.

  • Heart symbolizes love & compassion.

  • Pink symbolizes femininity.

  • Arrows symbolize direction.

  • Downward arrow symbolize peace.

  • Crossed arrows symbolize friendship.

Who, What, When, Where, Why & How

Who we serve: SISIETY is empowering girls in Middle School.

What we offer: Mentorship and Life Skills for Girls. Girl Talk Groups. We support girls through the social-emotional drama of middle school. We give girls a gossip free space to be heard and belong. SISIETY is available 24/7 for daily inspiration, community connection, lifestyle, beauty, health and wellness tips and tutorials, special guest speakers, contests, prizes and more.

When: SISIETY is available year round. Our seasonal series' are held in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Every day we offer positive guidance and mentorship in the app. On Tuesdays we have Girl Talk Groups. We also have Friday Night Lives with a Special Guest.

Where: Girls meet virtually in the SISIETY app. Girl Talk Tuesday Groups and Friday Night Lives are live streamed in the app.

Why: Studies show that middle school is a difficult time for girls and their parents. Middle school is a time of tremendous transformation for girls who need support as they navigate changes in their body, social circles, schools, families and “SISIETY” at large.

According to MENTOR, students with mentors are 52 percent less likely than their peers to skip a day of school. Students at risk of not attending college but who have a mentor are 55 percent more likely to be enrolled in college than those who did not have a mentor. Additionally, mentored youth tend to trust their parents more and communicate better with them. But unfortunately one in three young people will grow up without any kind of adult mentorship. GIRLS INC

How: We connect with girls via our native SISIETY app. We offer a new series every season (Fall) Girls Friendships, (Winter) Self Worth & Confidence (Spring) Beauty & Style (Summer) Self Care 101.


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