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In case you didn't know, SISIETY was created by owner of My Beauty Truck, Gabrielle Thomas. Every weekend there are so many new girls on the My Beauty Truck that it only made perfect sense to collaborate! SISIETY and My Beauty Truck are a beautiful sisterhood.

Gabrielle is the creator of SISIETY
Gabrielle Thomas, Owner of My Beauty Truck

SISIETY in My Beauty Truck
SISIETY collab with My Beauty Truck

After the My Beauty Truck party it's the "after party" in the SISIETY app. Girls can stay connected and keep the party going. They can share pics from the party and jump into the Girl Talk forum to continue learning about skin care and access fun makeup tutorials. SISIETY allows girls to go deeper than outer beauty and discover more of their inner beauty. With topics such as self care, healthy eating, fitness, friendship and more SISIETY is a first of its kind safe social *media* space for girls.


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