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If a girl is telling you all someone else’s business, trust me, she will tell all yours too.

Don’t tell her your secrets!

If you’re ever hanging out with a friend and she starts talking to you about another friend behind her back, she is probably talking about you too. 

Gossip can be SO tempting! But just think about how you would feel if YOU were the topic of conversation.

When gossip pops up, what should you do?

First of all don’t engage. You don’t have to listen to gossip.

You can just change the subject.

If your friend keeps trying to bring it up you can simply say "I'm trying not to gossip" and change the subject again.

If she still doesn't get it, you can exit the conversation... just say you have to go.

Second and MOST IMPORTANTLY- make sure you NEVER, EVER tell her your secrets.

You can be cool but just keep the convo surface level and only tell her things you don't care about other people knowing. Don't give her anything to talk about when it comes to you and your name.

TRUST is a HUGE thing in friendships! But... if you have a big mouthed friend you can’t trust with your secrets, it doesn't necessarily mean she’s not your real friend....she's just not the friend you should tell everything to.

  • She may be that funny friend who can always cheer you up.

  • She might be that friend who holds you to your skin care or fitness routine.

  • She's the one who will get every angle of your fit!

  • She's the one who will never leave you alone at a party.

No one is perfect. We're all growing up and learning how to be better. So you can still be friends with a gossip girl. Like I said, just don't tell her your secrets and maybe YOU not gossiping will have a positive influence on her.

With all that said...having a real friend you can trust is priceless. You know if you tell her something she will keep it to herself.

Deep down inside I think that's what we all want. So we need to BE that.

we all want a good friend we can trust to keep our secrets
pinky promise

If you want to have a good friend, BE a good friend.

Be known as a person who doesn't gossip. Be a person someone can genuinely confide in.

If someone shares something with you that's private (not life threatening or anything that will negatively impact your own mental health), keep that secret and don’t go running around telling everyone the first chance you get.

Being a girl with a reputation for being trustworthy is a high honor.

Sometimes it IS hard when you have a juicy story...or you just have your own stuff going on you need to get off your chest- I know- you just want to tell someone!

That's where having a mentor can come in. Someone you can trust that's not in your circle of friends. If you don't have a mentor- have your parent get you connected in SISIETY.




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