Main Mentor & Creator of SISIETY


  • Master of Education, HARVARD

  • Bachelor of Arts, UCLA

  • Barely Graduated High School 

  • Real & Relatable 

  • Over 15 years working with girls 

  • CA Licensed Esthetician

  • Owner of

Some may refer to me as an "expert on girls" but I think the only experts are the girls themselves. If I thought I was an expert even yesterday, things have changed today. I just stay up to date on what is going on in girls' world by listening to them and being a trusted big sister/auntie they can talk to and share secrets with. I've learned a lot in school and books but I really learn the most from girls! My goal is to use the valuable insight I have to support both girls and parents in a fun way so you can both survive middle school.

Gabrielle is supported by Junior Mentors who are...

Stellar High School Seniors and College students who come with excellent referrals. They have gone through an extremely thorough interview process, background check and social media sweep.  They support Gabrielle in leading small groups and interacting daily with girls in the SISIETY app. 

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mentorship for middle school girls
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