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Brand Ambassador Benefits:  


There are lots of benefits to becoming a SISIETY Ambassador!

  •  Earn cash money… $20 for each girl you refer!

  •  Give your friends a discount

  •  Exclusive 1-1 mentorship 

  •  VIP access to in person events

  •  Free gifts & products- 1st access to products from sponsors

  •  Be a part of a something you can believe in!

  •  Support girls in foster care 

  •  Help create new exciting programs for girls!

  •  Be a part of a Supportive Sisterhood 

How it works:

STEP 1. Sign up (If under 18, a parent MUST sign you up)

STEP 2. Once approved you will receive your special code to offer your friends a discount.
STEP 3. Share your code with other girls and start earning money when they sign up!
Ambassador Requirements:

  • Be a SISIETY member 

  • Engage and/or post daily in the SISIETY app 5-10 min/day

  • Be present for Girl Talk Tuesdays. Live in App 30 min

  • Be present for Friday Night Lives. Live in App 1 hr

  • Follow, Like, Engage with Social Media Posts

Ambassadors performance will be analyzed every 10 weeks. SISIETY reserves the right to remove Ambassadors from the program if they are not actively engaged with the program.

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